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Multi Video Signal Generator

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NSG-526L is the LVDS Video Signal Generator to inspect Analog, Digital-LVDS, TV, DTV, Audio, SPDIF and HDMI. NSG-526L has over 300 built in signal format, 700 user signal formats memory, 999 user patterns memory and 20 built in BMP images that allow a wide variety of display criteria to be checked. And it realizes an ultra-fast format-loading, image-drawing and ultra memory capacity. Also it has a moving function and luminance adjustment function using the easy key about all pattern. In addition, it supports super-high gradation LVDS output of 10 bit accuracy.

  • 250MHz Analog Video Rate
  • HDCP, HDMI 1.1
  • Graphic 2048X2048(BMP): UXGA BMP 20ea Capacity
  • NTSC, PAL, SECAM Composite and S-Video Output
  • SCART, D-Terminal (D5)
  • D-TV Component: Y, Pb, Pr / R, G, B
  • Audio R, L Output
  • Dual SPDIF Input: Coaxial & Optical
  • Built-In 300 Timing Formats
  • HDMI, HDCP, Timing, EDID Information View
  • PIP: Analog, Digital (LVDS, HDMI) & DTV, TV, SCART at Same Time
  • Large Custom Memory :
    • 999 Timings, 999 Patterns, 250 Function Groups 150 Scan Groups
  • 2048X2048 Graphic Display Size
  • All Timing Parameters are Fully Programmable
  • Power Saving Mode Test Capability
  • Easy and Variable Pattern, Timing, Scan, Function, Firmware
  • ESD Protection Circuit